Saturday, August 27, 2011

5 Windows Media Player Effects To Utilize: Speed, Performance, Settings, and more!

I love Windows Media Player. It is easy to use, great quality, and came with Windows 7.

1 Speed Up The Video and Audio Together: {FUN AND USEFUL}
Right click your video and hover over enhancements and select play speed settings. From there move the slider to the right (faster) or the left (slower) to change the play back speed.

2 Subtitles {USEFUL}
Your subtitles are off by default. Maybe you are trying to learn the words to a song or to understand a movie better because the volume won't be loud enough. And of course, helpful and necessary for the deaf. Tell you the truth, maybe you will learn some vocabulary or improve your spelling.
Right-click the video, then scroll over [Lyrics, captions and subtitles] and select [On if available] or [Off].

3 Video and Audio Synchronization {USEFUL, PERFORMANCE}
Why are the people's mouths moving before you hear them talking? That is because light travels faster than sound, so you need to drop some frames (No glass or danger involved) to keep audio in the race.
Right-click the video and select [More Options...] Then select the [Performance] tab and check the box where it says [Drop frames to keep audio and video synchronized]. Press [Apply] and then [OK].

Click the three squares with an arrow pointing left to expand and change your window into the library where your Windows Media Files have been stored. To go back click the same 3 square and 1 arrow symbol (bottom right of window).

5 Full Screen Short Cut {EFFICIENXY, QUALITY}
As easy as [Alt] + [Enter]. Make sure the window (your video) is in focus before you press alt enter (the bar above the video will be dark blue)

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