Saturday, August 20, 2011

How To Clear Your History In Google Chrome In 3 Steps!

You should be on Google Chrome Internet Browser:
 1. Upper left hand corner: click the wrench and select "History"
2. Unless you want to hand pick certain items by checking the boxes next to the site name and URL, click "Clear All Browsing Data"
3. A window pops up and prompts you for your specific directions*
4. Left-click "Clear Browsing Data"
*I recommend checking all, except for Clear saved passwords. Leave saved passwords unchecked, unless you want to have to have the browser re-save them. Click the time span drop down button on the top of the panel, and select "The Beginning of Time."

Congratulations on clearing your Google Chrome internet browsing history. If you use more browsers than Google Chrome, your history from those browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Safari) has remained the same. The process is moderately similar in all internet browsers, but I plan to have more tutorials on the subject for those who would like it. Thanks, -Brian

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