Monday, August 15, 2011

How To Print Or Take a Snapshot Of Your Computer Screen

     Normally in the upper right hand corner, the "PrntScr" button is used to take a snapshot of your computer screen.You can take an image at any time you want, even in full screen games; however, only 1 image can be taken care of at a time, just like copy and paste function:Ctrl + C; Ctrl + V. So, do not snap a second screen image until you have done the following with the first:

 1. Open Paint = [Start] > Programs > Accessories > Paint
 2. Press Ctrl + V (to paste the image into the image frame provided by Paint)
    or File > Paste
 3. File > Save as > "give it a name" > OK 
I reccomend saving the image to your desktop so you can see the icon of the screen shot to be sure it was saved.  And if it already wasn't clear, press [PrntScr] to snap another image of your computer screen.

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