Monday, August 15, 2011

Keeping Windows Up to Date

Windows Update

Have you seen this Icon on your taskbar?
If you see it everyday then you are neglecting to keep your Windows software up to date! 
Your task bar is usually found on the bottom of your screen and on the left shows you some small icons. If one of the icons looks like a miniture version of the Windows Update image (above) then left click it to open see the updates that your computer has been waiting to install. Install them! They're free fixes to the software you bought.


misanthrope said...

I can't seem to update... I click it, and it just says 'preparing to install' indefinitely.

Brian said...

This post was extremely general.. In the sense that I wanted to raise awareness to those who haven't realized their computer software (Windows software) was out of date. I'm sorry about how general this post was. When you click the icon it should open a panel where you can select the installations to download (the updates need to be downloaded via this panel). If a download doesn't begin after telling it to then it may be waiting for you to close programs or restart your computer (turning it off and then back on) Never hurts to try. And please email me at with the specifics so I can better understand the issue at hand. -Brian