Thursday, August 11, 2011

Laptop Battery Duration Part 2: Battery's Have Feelings

Battery's have feelings too. Like a human, the more the battery is used, the less it will want to help you. In  realistic terms: Batteries have life spans! Even if the battery isn't used it will age! 
Is your battery too old?

The Facts:
     -Battery Life is measured in charge cycles. 
            It is inevitable that your laptop battery will die eventually (or become weak)
     -There are different types of laptop batteries:
     -If your battery can not withstand 1 hour on it's battery it is definitely time for a new battery

     If you want a lot of battery life for a trip or other reasons, invest in two or more Lithium-ion laptop batteries so you can DOUBLE OR TRIPLE ECT.     your on the go laptop experience with less hassle. 
**Remember to charge all the batteries before leaving on your trip or other destination.**

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