Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Windows 7's Windows Defender is All You Need

    Windows security has improved a lot since the days of Windows XP, where Microsoft Windows Security was listed as a light protection against malicious programs. Do not spend the money on a extreme Antivirus Program if you have Windows 7 OS (operating system). The Anti-Virus (AV) Program will not be able to bring you much more protection than your operating system (Windows 7) has already provided you. For more information:

   Personally, I only use Windows 7 Defender and have had no problems. Pretty ridiculous considering I am on my laptop every day for at least three hours. Using Windows 7 Defense or protection doesn't guarantee you safety, but no AV (Anti-Virus) program can say that they can.

Clear Your Ram To Increase Your Computer Speed:

If you don't have windows 7 and want an AV program I recommend:

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