Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Most Important Visual Elements of Any Blog

     As you might have noticed, I changed my blog title image to a new simple one. Believe it or not the new title actually gives a better feel of legitimacy and comfortableness to my blog. What do you think? Please vote on the poll labeled, "New Title Image" if the current Title Image appeals to you, regardless of whether you have seen the old title image. If you are familiar with the old title image, feel free to email me your thoughts or anything else at or message me on my Twitter. I run daily checks to see if I have questions, mail, and suggestions.., but I'm getting carried away on that digression.Sorry.

    The reason I post this after changing my title image is not for my own personal benefit: it is to help you understand that simplicity makes a huge difference in how a visitor to your site feels.The visitor is always right. The consideration of the human mind is your ticket to success, in the design your websites. Did you realize most page visitors make their choice to stay or leave the page in a few milliseconds? It's true! You do it too. The reason is because there are millions of websites and there ought to be one you enjoy more than this one. The human mind doesn't consider the fact that that other site might be millions of searches away from you. Nonetheless, you must hold on to your visitors attention by means of visual comfort, and simplicity because websites are normally a visual sensation (occasional audio, but never, touch, smell, taste.. lol).

 Some visual and sentimental elements of importance to any website include:
    1. Color scheme
    2. Title name
    3. Font
    4. Use of bold
    5. Use of italics
    6. Names of articles
    7. Ads
    8. Phrasing
    9. Post or Article length
    10. Tone
    11. Page organization
    12. Font Size

   A perfect example is above, you LOVE the list, and I know it. Of course there is one sour apple that hates lists, but that isn't so important. Unless you want sour apples. Lists are friendly, organized, and simple. More simplistic styles increase visitor comfort, which may be the reason you are losing 80% of your readers because there are too many words on the page without enough structure. I sware I could list 100 elements to your websites success, but that would be too many for one signle post.

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