Sunday, August 21, 2011

View Any Website's Insides Instantly!

In order to see the true content of a website (the written text that we call code) all you need to do is ask your browser to see the source code. I encourage you to try it here and now on my this blog for starters! The code you will see has to be interpreted by computers in order to display the form we find visually appealing. 

Google Chrome: click 'Wrench Icon' in top right > select [Tools] > [select View source]

Firefox: Right-click webpage (don't do it on a link AKA some background space) and then select [View Page Source]

Internet Explorer: Select [View] menu and then click [Source] > click [View Source]

Opera: Right-click webpage and select [Source]

Extra Info for the curious: Source is short for "Source Code" which is what describes how a webpage should look. There is a lot of formatting and styling that we take for granted while we surf the web. Also, the source code we see does not include all of the information.. Some information is hidden by means of encryption among other html mix-ins.

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