Monday, August 08, 2011

Speed Up Your PC via Flash Drive!

Cache, pronounced "cash" ($$$) is a type of virtual memory.
If your windows 7 computer is running on a low amount of memory or RAM (same thing) then you may want to try using Ready Boost. What is a low amount of RAM? With today's technological standards: 1 gb (giga-byte) or lower. (some computers are selling commercially with 16 gb of built in RAM now!) But, do not worry. I am running on 4 gb and that is plenty enough for me and probably for you too!
To view your own ram on a computer running windows OS press: [Start] > [Computer] > Look on the left at the navigation tree and right click "Computer" and select "Properties" > It's the number following the text "Installed Memory (RAM)."
Ready Boost is a feature of windows 7 (not previous versions aka Vista, XP, 2000,...) that will speed up your computer by using a storage device (usb, SD card, memory stick duo, ect.) as cache memory. Don't worry about what cache memory is in detail. Short and sweet: it is used to hold onto information for quick use.
  1. find a USB or SD card (other external storeages work too)
  2. plug the device into your laptop or desktop computer
  3. Go to Computer folder *You can just press [Windows button] + [E]
  4. Locate your device *I used an SD card and it displays it and says "Secure Digital Storage Device (F:)"
  5. Right click and select Properties
  6. Click the ReadyBoost panel
  7. Select Dedicate this device
  8. Click OK.
  9. Leave the device plugged in so it can act as cache memory.

Common Concern Regarding Ready Boost via Removable Storage Unit

Well, what happens if I remove it!? Will it hurt or confuse my computer? Good consideration, but no the information used in your new cache memory is backed up on your hard drive disk so your computer won't lose data during a disconnection of the external unit (SD card or USB).This should help your windows 7 operate faster with a low amount of RAM. Want Virtual Wi-Fi? Check it out: Be a God!:

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