Thursday, August 11, 2011

Windows Memory Diagnostic: Is Your RAM Ok?

RAM : Random Access Memory
  But don't sweat the name. Worry about the game. (RAM IS ESSENTIAL FOR GAMERS)

What is RAM?
  RAM is what makes a computer fast and perform better. RAM comes in many forms (look for yourself) and can be purchased and inserted into your computer / laptop (some don't make it easy though).
To check your Memory (another name for RAM) use the Windows Memory Diagnostic Service provided by Windows 7. It's a great service! I recommend giving it a shot because your memory (RAM) is responsible for computer performance (Games, Programs, Web Pages, Everything basically).

How much RAM do you have?
Quick Check:
[windows key] + [E] (nice shortcut) > Right Click [Computer] (on the left) and select [Properties] > Look for Installed Memory Mine is 4 GB so it reads: 4.00GB (3.75GB usable)

Quick Directions: (**Tests only the first 4GB of RAM**)
[start] > [Administrative Tools] > [Windows Memory Diagnostic] > Select when you want your scan EITHER : NOW (Restarts your computer and checks for Problems) OR LATER (On next start up it will check for problems)

More Info On The Diagnostic Test

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