Saturday, August 27, 2011

Alternative Definitions to Online Abbreviations!

My own play on some common online abbreviations and expressions. Enjoy!

  • brb = big russian breakfast; big racked babe; buyin' red bull; be ready bitch; belchin' root beer; break rules bitch (boy)
  • ttyl = talk to your lover; tasting the yummy leftovers
  • wtf = wheres the fridge; watering tentacled fish
  • lol = lift off land
  • rofl = resting on French ladies
  • stfu = slice the fruit up
  • wth = way too hot
  • fml = feel me lower or feeling my lover
  • smh = sex makes happiness
  • omg = off my girl or offer me gold

That last inappropriate one brings this list to a close. Email or post your own interpretation to my blog and I will put you in a future post along with the other submissions.

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