Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Win7 VS WinXP

Someone asked me, "Is windows 7 better than Windows XP?"

For me, Windows 7 is better. For you? Let's find out!
    The reason why people like XP is because it is fast, very adaptable, simple, and has been a long success in the computing world.

    People don't like change especially when there is no need for change. When people are perfectly content with Windows XP, why change to a new design that will require learning new ideas and controls? I think the change to Windows 7 is a nice step toward evolution in computers. I don't like to follow trends as much as every other classy computer user, but sooner or later Windows 7 users won't approve of Windows 10 Mega Edition. Plus, software is being directed toward new OS (Operating Systems) like Windows 7.
Windows 7 has features Windows XP doesn't, but people argue that the features are hurting more than helping due to their tamper on performance.

The answer is grey and up to oppinion.
The thing i like about Windows 7 is that if you don't wish to use all of the features you don't have to.

The Aeroview look bothers many users. To disable it: 
[Right Click Desktop] > [Personalize] > Scroll to [Windows Classic] > [double click it!].

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