Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Ten Reasons Chicks Dig Computer Nerds

In No particular order..
1. Nerds Have Power Chicks like power. With the right skills a computer dork has the world in the palm of his hand. People who hack might have an ego problem and rightfully so. If you knew you could tap into almost any organization or companies network and have access to all of their files and data.

2. Nerds Can Fix Your Computer Chicks use computers every day (just like the rest of us) and often do not share

3. Nerds Get Money Being smart is much more than standing up tall at graduation being admired by your parents; it also is your ticket to a job. And until one is on their own, they do not truly understand how important money is. And I would be lying if I didn't think a relationship is expensive at times, both ways around the table.

4. Nerds Are Mysterious The women will never know who is under the lab coat without an experiment of her own.

5. Some Nerds Can Work From Home or Even While They Are Still In School 

6. Nerds Always Have Internet Power goes out. No air conditioning. No hair straightener. No internet. "Oh wait! I'm dating a nerd, he must have a solution." -Senorita Chick

7. Nerds Are Funny The clumsy things nerds do is an add-on next to the interesting style of jokes they pursue.

8. Nerds Are Up To Date Like fashion, the internet is always changing. You don't want to fall behind do you? Your nerd will have you up to date on all the online trends you may have missed.

9. The Nerd To Cool Ratio is at an All Time High. Why not?

10. Many Nerds Can Gamble Like No Other Anything to do with numbers, is their forte.

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