Thursday, September 29, 2011

10 Steps Toward Tetris Victory!

The popularity of the game Tetris is rediculous. Tetris looks simple upon first look, but there is an extreme amount of technique and complexity in the millions of games of Tetris Friends that occur each day. I have listed 10 definite ways to improve your tetris gaming.

Tetris Battle - 2P - Facebook

1. Do not allow holes to form underneath pieces unless absolutely unavoidable.

2. Find a balance of speed and precision. The faster you place your tetrominos, the more mistakes you will make.

3. Learn how to T - Spin. If you can purposely create T - spin scenarios, then you will be getting

4. Do not play when you are tired or distracted because your rank and emotional state may suffer. (Tetris rage)

5. Practice with Tetris marathon to increase your selection speed. The marathon version of Tetris forces  you to play with falling tetrominos that speed up over time.

6. Use the HOLD function. So important to use hold and swap, so you can place a long teal line right down the cavity you set up.

7. Set up attacks ahead of time. Plan ahead. You should be looking into your next move before your hand hits the drop key.

8. Play hard from beginning to end. Many people do not play with full energy until too late into the match. Do your best to drive hard from the start.

9. Challange yourself by playing players that are levels higher than you. For example, if I was level 20 on Facebook Tetris, I would try and play level 25's. Sounds extreme, but you will improve and know what is soon coming.

10. Keep an eye on your opponents maps. If you can spot flaws in their placement or potential lines that will soon be sent, you should adjust accordingly. Best use of this is in 2-Player by far. But, with practice 6-Player is manageable.

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