Sunday, September 04, 2011

4 Simple Time and Energy Savers for Any Firefox User

If you want multiple home pages, I made quick tutorial for that too: Multiple Home Pages: Firefox

By the way, while I can I want to say sorry about the lack of posts last week (08/28 - 09/04) Hurricane Irene hit Maryland with enough bang to leave me powerless for six days: I had no electricity. I did a post or two at friends houses, but I could not do much more than take care of necessities like food, shower, and light.

1. Saving pages for offline use.
To save a page for offline use in firefox all you need to do is: [right-click] a webpage; select [Save Page As...]; then, navigate to any spot of your choosing. Personally I would save the page to my Desktop. A saved webpage is essentially a frozen image of a website on your computer. The html code of the website is written into the new folder you saved. When you click the folder you created you will see the page, even when you are offline. Any updates to the webpage will not show on the "frozen" copy of the website.

2. Bookmarking a page.
Even, easier than number 1, Bookmarking a page is a way to reach your favorite websites in one or two clicks. To bookmark a website: visit your favorite websites and on each click the star next to the URL bar on top of your Firefox browser. On this site it would be to the left of  where it says ""

3. Customize your toolbar.
You can access your toolbar settings by clicking Firefox (upper left corner of window) and go to where it says [Options] and then click [Toolbar Layout...]

4. Assign Keywords To Sites you Search Often
To create a search keyword for a site you search on right click the search bar or box of a web page and select [Add a keyword for this Search]. Name it what ever you like. It's your shortcut so maybe keep it simple like: "wik" for "wikipedia." The purpose of doing this is that you can save time searching by entering your "keyword + search term” in the URL bar. My Example for you: typing “wik + Frogs” will search for pages about frogs. Do not forget to create the keywords before trying to use the feature. Saves you from having to waste your time typing in the sites URL and locating the search box.

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