Sunday, September 11, 2011

10 Free Resources to Boost the Math Grades

1. Math Forum: Doctor Math 
Definitely the best site I found for math students of all ages. Dr. Math, a section of The Math Forums, is nice because it has a link to various sections of its large collection, such as: Elementary School MathMiddle School MathHigh School MathCollege And Beyond Math.

Another site that couldn't be better for teenage students. This site is packed with games, images, and animation, which will help you stay focused on the subject at hand: Math.

3. Cool Math 
A perfect resource for middle school and high school math. In addition to extensive content, there are a plethora of related games.

4. Math Cats 
This site is ideal for kids in elementary school, but can be useful for pre-K and middle schoolers. Many colorful and interactive activities.

This site is a keeper. It has an average of 231.5 Topics per Grade (1st through Algebra - 8th/9th) and is growing as we speak, with the claim that a Trigonometry, Geometry, and more advanced sections are on the way!

This site is different from Cool Math (#2). The site is full of content, majority being math games, but, there are math lessons as well.

If you want to check if you factored something correct, this is your place.

The internet let's nothing get in the way of your education. Helpful if you don't have a graphing calculator at the moment.

Nearly all Chrome apps are free, all you need to do is download Google Chrome Internet Browser, which is free as well.

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