Thursday, November 24, 2011

6 Signs You Need a New Computer

Most of the following reasons can be summed up to an evaluation of..
- time 
- energy
- money
- level of necessity

6 Signs That You Need A New Computer
1. If your computer has no upgrades for an extended period of time.
This means that the company who gave put together the software and hardware, has moved past your computer in terms of importance.

2. If the computer repair stores cannot help you with your computer for a price lower than a fourth of the computer's original value.
This is because your used computer's repair would cost more than its current value. The exception may be if there is a lot of important files on your computer that you need to take care of.

3. If the speed of your computer has reached an unusable amount. 
*It would be a good idea to talk to a tech savvy friend before buying the new computer because sometimes an increase in RAM (Random Access Memory) can bring your computer's speed back up.

4. If your computer smells burnt.
Burned parts can not be easily replaced, and definitely cannot be fixed. If a certain piece on your motherboard was burned, then you may need to replace the WHOLE motherboard. Your better off with the new computer.

5. If your computer is "not compatible" with common (current day) software. 
Software is basically all the stuff in a computer that you cannot see. The software could include programs like Ad-Aware, or Type To Learn.

6. If a desktop is 6+ years old or a laptop is 3+ years old with daily use.
No computer will live forever, similar to us human beings. The average desktop lives to be about three to six years of age. If you have a desktop that is six years old or older, then the computer is most likely ready to go. Laptops lifespan is shorter than desktops due to the compactness of the hardware.

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