Thursday, December 15, 2011

15 Not-So-Obvious Ways to Saver Labtop Battery

Bright keyboard light (wastes power like no other)

1. Turn off the keyboard light!
If you are typing in the dark use a flashlight, lamp, or headlight, or at the least change to the most dimmed setting for your keyboard light.

2. Reduce the number of pixels in your screen resolution 
(size of screen displaying content other than black pixels)

3. Save and close any programs you are not using.

Take Fast Action! 
4. Turn off sound!

5.  Unplug any external devices that are connected to your laptop!

6. Dim your screen to its "darkest" setting 
(it isn't half bad)

7. Turn on any power saving modes

8. Buy a back up battery.
 (Batteries do not last forever.)
Buying a second battery is always the best prevention for running out of laptop battery.

9. If not needed at the time turn off your wireless connection (WLAN, wifi)

10. Remove any CD's from your computers CD/DVD drive.

11. Turn off any desktop slideshow.

12. Disable or remove any gadgets from your desktop.

13. Buy a portable laptop charger

14. Update your computer's software 
(It is likely the new software is more energy efficient).

15. Clean your laptops connection with the battery very carefully with rubbing alcohol.

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