Sunday, December 11, 2011

How To Email Messages, Videos, Images With Any Cell Phone

Emailing by phone is quite easy. Let me explain the process:

Basic Steps:
Your phone number is a lot like a email address, except that your phone number does not include letters.  Typically, when you are sending a message to a friend, you navigate to your Contacts followed by selecting Options and finally opening New Text Message
Keep in mind that not all cell phones are the same: different names, different selection menus, features.
Instead of using a phone number stored in a contact you need to enter in the email manually. It is possible to save an email into a contact, which I will explain further down this post. So, I would go to where it says (the box labeled..) "Recipients" or "To" and type in instead of the usual 11 digit code 123-321-5555. 

How To Type With A Cell Phone:
Incase you are not savvy with technology, to type into a cell phone is traditionally done by hitting any button a certain number of times. As you press 2 three whole times, it would display "A," then "B" then "C" individually from each other. The letter you desire to choose must be visible for a certain amount of time to be accepted. This allows for the use of all 26 letters of the English Alphabet to be represented by only a few amount of keys.

The letters should be displayed in smaller text on the same key as their corresponding number. If you still need help, try asking a teenager or any other tech adapted person.

Picture Messages To Email:
This can be used to save room on your phone, or to simply show photos to someone who doesn't have or use a cell phone. The email is typed into the "Recipient" or "To" box to tell the phone where to send it (like a phone number would). The only difference is that the picture must be added to the text message. Your text typed into the body of the text message will be the body of the email. The Image will be recieved as an attachment to the email. 

Video Messages To Email: 
First, some cell phones do not support video recording or playing, but most cell phones can store them if you really needed to (like a flash Drive you would plug into a USB on your computer). Locate "Create New Video Message" and be sure to enter a valid email address into the prompt for the recipient content. Videos send just like images, because they are just a large series of images. 

Other Info:
It is possible to send your email/text message to more than one person at the same time and some phones limit the quality of the image you send due to data space.

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