Saturday, December 10, 2011

Techmas 2011 - Electronics and DIY Hobbyist

1. The Arduino chip

2. Electronics Learning kits
3. Soldering iron and solder
4. Batteries (a great topping for anything that requires batteries)
5. An Accelerometer
6. LED 8x8x8 materials (LED's, Resistors, Programmable chip, Wires)
7. Multimeter (for measuring current, voltage, resistance, and more).
8. Switches, DIP sockets, and relays (spare parts in general)
9. A DIY Electronics book
10. Gift Card to Nearby Radio Shack or Other Electronics Store
11. Wire Strippers
12. Speakers and buzzers
13. Solar Cells and Solar Panels (Eco Friendly)
14. Electronics Magazine Subscription
15. Accessories for his/her favorite electronic devices
16. Hot Glue Gun / Nail Gun / Duct Tape
17. Pin Sockets (All easy removal of old or defective chips in his/her projects)
18. Neodymium Magnets
19. Breadboards and Perfboards
20. Controllable Power Sources
21. Logic chips and transistors
22. Hot Air Gun and Wires to use with it

23. Digital Electronics Software
24. Current Sensing Resistors


Peter Enmore said...

How about some current sense resistors?

Brian said...

I added it just now (#24). Thanks!

Peter Enmore said...

Of course :)<