Saturday, January 14, 2012

Capacitors Should Be Easy!

Also called "caps"
Various types of capacitors (Capacitor Types Explained)

The Idea:
An object that can hold on to a charge temporarily.

The Function:
Their function, similar to that of a battery or cell, is to store electrical charge.
The trait that a battery has that is absent of capacitors is that batteries generate positive charge. Capacitors just stores already produced electrical charge.

The Types:There are three main types of capacitors
  -ceramic disk capacitors
  -poly film cap capacitors
  -electrolytic capacitors

The three different types of capacitors differ in the non-conductive material separating the two conductive layers (which are connected to the pins you see coming out of most capacitors.

The Units:
Capacitance is measured in Farads. 1 Farad unit is a very large amount of capacitance, so usually capacitors are assumed to be in microFarad (uF) or nanoFarad (nF).

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