Thursday, January 26, 2012

Simple Google Search Trick!

 I don't like to ruin surprises. So, instead of including a picture or description, I will leave out any details that could spoil the experience for you! I promise you are not going to hurt your computer in any way from following the provided mini-tutorial below.

Google Loco & Others
1. Visit Google home page.
2. Type "google loco" into the search box (do not include the quotation marks)
3. Then click where it says 'I am feeling Lucky!' (you may have to scroll over the search box to find 'I am feeling Lucky!')

Other keywords like "google loco"
"google l337"      "google linux"
"google gothic"      "google blackout"
"google fishtank"      "google your name"

I encourage you to try your own "google <anything>" to see what results you get and don't forget to show your friends and family!

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