Sunday, January 29, 2012

11 Notable Experiences Blogging Thus Far

I have been blogging for about six (6) months and I want to share my experiences with you so you can avoid or prepare for the early upsets that most bloggers run in to at one time or another. 
From My Own Experiences Blogging...

1. Large Posts reguardless of all the work I put into them receive less pageviews than those I create in under an hour and a half.

2. Money is Best Left Out of Your Blog for a While. Blogs with ads seldom get ad clicks because people do not like ads, thus refrain from clicking them.

3. Organization is a must! I wish I was and am more organized all of the time. People are online either to get info fast, communicate to others, or to entertain themselves.

4. Use Tags on all posts to ensure some structure and acuteness to your sites content.

5. Posts with Pictures usually have a better yield of pageviews.

6. You do not want to force people to your blog. Blog readers who read content they are not interested in are likely to give you false hope for increased pageviews or traffic. So, if you are going to advertise your site, make sure it targets the correct audience.

7. Compare and Contrast your blog to the best of your niche or topic.

8. Keep your head on straight. There are No Shortcuts in Success.

9. Make sure there is Contact Information present for your users/readers to use in case they have feedback (important for your blog) or questions.

10. Repairing Old Posts for the most part is transperent in effect. The Repairing of old posts will take time to translate into more traffic and readers.  

11. Listed Posts are often easier to understand (for the readers) thus blogs can be improved by having more posts that are listed (like this one! Irony.)

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