Monday, January 16, 2012

Troll Meme Compilation!

I searched the internet to find a handful of the funnier troll face/meme pictures. Enjoy!

Golbat pokemon troll.

Old school trollin'

Father troll at its finest.

Some are trickier than others.

A trolling success

Environmental Troll

Troll Math 101. Yes please.

Troll proves we that are we all lesbian.

Math trolling fail.

Fail troll

Religious Trolling

Animated troll face nyan cat = WIN

Troll face in real pictures

Some don't make much sense.

Rediculous Troll Innovations

The classic troll face


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Brian said...

I especially like the "Don't feed the troll" pictures!

Anonymous said...

that 101 math troll is the best! seriously :D how people even come to this, real life happening? :D