Saturday, June 02, 2012

Binary Division

The Three Steps Of Binary Division!

  1. Line up the divisor with the most significant end (left-most bits) of the dividend.
  2. Compare the binary snippet (bits) of the dividend to the divisor a) If the dividend is greater than or equal to the divisor, then add a 1 to the quotient from the left of any other quotient bits and perform the binary subtraction. b) If the divisor is greater than the dividend, then add 0 to the quotient (from left) and do not perform subtraction.
  3. Shift the divisor one binary digit (bit) to the right and go to step #2.

Binary division is a lot like decimal division, but if you do not understand binary subtraction then that may complicate binary division for you. Here are some binary division problem and answer examples I created as pictures. The work is shown so you can see how to go about using the 3 steps above. If you cannot see the pictures then please notify me.

  Here is a link to a Binary Calculator. Online Binary Calculator

Also, most computers come with a calculator which can perform binary operations when in 'programming' mode. In Windows 7 the path is Start > All Programs > Accessories > Calculator

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