Saturday, July 07, 2012

How to Rename Multiple Files in Windows 7

About this Tutorial

This tutorial will show you how to rename a set of images to the same name with a number representing their original order. This is also called batch renaming.

A Few Simple Steps

  1. Find and highlight the files you wish to rename
  2. Right click any of the highlighted files from the group. Then, select "rename".
  3. Type a new name that the group of files will share, such as "Zoo Photos"
  4. Click or press "Enter" once you have the desired group name for your files.

An Example

Start: 42124.jpg, 42125.jpg, 42126.jpg, 42127.jpg
Rename input: "Vacation"
End: Vacation (1).jpg, Vacation (2).jpg, Vacation (3).jpg, Vacation (4).jpg

Quick Tip:

If you want to select all files in a folder to group rename, simply press Ctrl and A simultaneously.

1 comment:

binaryman said...

I would rather use a GUI tool - Directory Report
It lets me preview the results before actually renaming the files
It is much more flexible and powerful than Windows Explorer