Sunday, November 27, 2016

Free Online Encrypt/Decrypt Tool for Securing Messages

A Good Tool Sits in the Front of the Drawer

So today, I stumbled upon a great tool that will allow me to message friends code without the risk of it being intercepted by someone browsing their messages.
The use cases for using encryption and decryption tools are endless and often specific, but boil down to one concern: PRIVACY.

Encryption: The Scrambler

Encryption tools utilize algorithms to jumble messages into an unrecognizable form. The unrecognizable text or data is known as an encrypted message.
There is no reason to encrypt a message without a means of restoring the message at some later time.

Decryption: The Descrambler

Decryption tools utilize a related algorithm to decode the encrypted message. In order for the decryption algorithm to properly restore the original message, a parameter for the algorithm, as well as which algorithm must be known. For example, you could use "Blowfish" algorithm and use they key "penguins".

Where Online?

Tools4Noobs Encryption tool (The message sender will need to use this)
Tools4Noobs Decryption tool (The message receiver will need this)


How To Use the the Tools

  1. Go to the Tools4Noobs Encryption Tool and paste your original readable text in to the big box.
  2. Select any encryption algorithm. Making the right selection will depend on if you think the output is hard to "decipher" or interpret without the use of decryption tool.
  3. Enter a key to be used to unlock the message (just like a house key)
  4. By any means (preferably not the same way you sent the decrypted message to your friend), send your friend the decryption tool website URL ( and let them know what KEY you used, and what algorithm you used for encryption.

Practice Makes Perfect

So, here is a message I have for you using key=penguins and the algorithm=Blowfish.


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