Wednesday, August 24, 2011

10 Windows 8 Features to be Excited About

Don't stress over all the Windows 8 updates when I cam sum them up for you in easy going blog posts!
I got you covered! :)

1. Windows Explorer on steroids!
   Windows Explorer is sometimes confused with Internet Explorer.. Windows Explorer operates in the file systems that your files are organized in on your hard drive. Windows Explorer's goal is to help you find, manage, move, or change your files as fast as possible. Think of Windows Explorer as... "Windows File Explorer." So, back on topic, do the terms copy, paste, delete, and move have a special meaning to you and your Windows experience? Well, those are the most commonly used features in, basically ,all editions of Windows OS (operating system). Windows 8 developers and designers have taken this into account. They want your file transfers to be fast. We all have had our turn with a long-ass download such as moving around HD videos (pain in the butt). USB 3 will be used to make 2 GB HD file tranfers under 30 seconds! Everyone is saying to expect 10 time the regular file transfer speeds. It's pretty crazy. Check the link and video I have included to get you as excited as I am:

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