Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Is Windows 7 Right for You?

I am going to break this article up into parts:

*. Requirements
1. New Computer
2. Upgrade old Windows XP or Vista computer 
3. Install Windows 7 OS on a mac

*. Check to see if your computer meets the Microsoft recommended requirements for Windows 7:
a. RAM: At least 1 gb (gigabyte)
b. Processor: At least 1 GHz 
c. Hard Drive: 16 gb (gigabyte) minimum of hard disk space for 32-bit.  20 gb minimum for 64-bit
d. Graphics Card: DirectX 9 graphics card

   If your getting a new Windows computer, definitely ask for Windows 7 above all other Windows OS's. It's the newest and nicest (in my opinion) operating system available. YES. GET IT.

2. Upgrade old XP or Vista computer (or older):
   If you met the requirements, buy a Windows 7 CD and export all of your old data to a different location for safe keeping. Also, reconsider the new computer idea! (Computers can't last forever)

3. With Mac OS X and Mac OS Lion 10.7 it is easy. Please use the link to go about the installation guide

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