Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Windows 7 Laptop Power Efficiency Diagnostic Report?

Utilizing this feature in Windows 7 can be the extra 2 hours of battery life that you've been dying to have. Let's do it!

   1. Press [Start] > type "cmd" > right click "cmd.exe" > select "Run as administator"

   2. type "powercfg -energy -output \Folder\Energy_Report.html" ( \folder is the folder path) or highlight "powercfg -energy -output \Folder\Energy_Report.html", press Ctrl + C which will copy it.Then Right Click the command prompt (the black window) and select "paste"

   2.5. To create a folder: Right click the white space of a panel in any window folder location or on top of a folder and select "new" and then "folder". Then select a name that you can use in the blue code you have to enter in Command Prompt

   3. Press [Enter] on keyboard

   4. Upon completion a file is created with more detailed information for your use at C:\Folder. "Folder" is the example name for the folder you chose. Note, the folder is not a new folder you want to create. It must already exist before the Efficiency Report. The Efficiency Report will complete regardless of whether there is such a folder in existence.

   5. Analyze the report.

   5.5. If you are having trouble locating the file you created either copy and paste the location C:\Folder\Efficiency_Report.html into the search bar: Press [Start] (bottom right hand corner) then type "C:\Folder\Efficiency_Report.html" or press [start] and search the specific name you chose for the target location folder.

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