Wednesday, August 17, 2011

11 Ways to Get The Most Out Of One Laptop Charge Cycle

What to do to save power immediately! (or for your next trip) 

1. Dim display (dramatic effect on life)

2. Enable power saver mode

3. Unplug devices

4. Turn off unneeded programs (check in task bar to be sure you exited)

5. Turn off wireless in mobility center

6. Turn off sound in mobility center

7. Don't show desktop icons

8. Select Color (32-bit) over High Color (16-bit)

9. Change screen resolution (less pixels for better battery life)

10. Turn off your laptop (shut down) completely if you arent using it (even a 5 min. break)

11.Disable unneeded services that are being provided "under the hood" aka Printer Spool ect.

   If those changes did not make enough difference then you may want to replace your battery or buy a spare so you can have two charged up for your next day out.
Couple batteries from Amazon: (good prices)

If you use vista check this link out to learn about Aero Glass which will help you extend and saver your laptop battery life:

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