Friday, August 26, 2011

Multiple Home Pages for Internet Explorer

   This tutorial for Internet Explorer is similar to the Firefox's lesson I previously gave in the sense that you can open several windows and then select an option called [Use Current] to set multiple pages for your home pages.

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Internet Explorer Multiple Home Pages Set Up (3 Steps):
  1. Open Internet Explorer and open all of the desired home pages (facebook, google, addicting games, any sites) in one window. If you do not know how to open multiple pages on one window I will explain it at the end of this post*
  2. Click the Gear icon on top right of internet explorer window, and select [Internet Options]. A new page will appear.
  3. Click the General tab if you are not there by default, and look for Home Page in bold, and fill in the circle next to 'Use Current'. You're done. 

Try it:You can exit the Internet Options window and Internet Explorer and reopen to all your selected home pages
*To open a second or third.... millionth web browsing page, you create a 'New Tab'. You can do this by pressing [Ctrl] and [T] on your keyboard at the same time. '(Ctrl + T)' is how they write it. Or you can click the plain grey rectangle/box (it may not be grey... depends on your computer theme settings) sitting idly next to your current internet page tab. The tab (rectangle) is blue in most up to date themes, but I use Windows Classic to save my computer the extra stress and keep my performance at a maximum high.

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