Friday, August 26, 2011

Multiple Home Pages for Google Chrome

Update (9/9/11): Google Chrome is just as easy as Firefox and Internet Explorer, just watch the video of my alternative way of setting up multiple home pages
I did this method before posting this just to make sure it worked properly. If this tutorial is too difficult, then you should use my Internet Explorer and Firefox version of this tutorial. They are much easier.

Get on Google Chrome (double-left-click Google Chrome icon)
3 Steps
1. Click the [wrench] and select [Options]
2. Across from where it says 'Home Page' click the circle next to: [Open this page:]
3. Type or copy and paste this code into that text box:
javascript:window.location.href='';'');window.focus();  *This would open Google and Facebook when you open a Google Chrome window

*You can change '' to be any website you would like to use as a home page. Same goes for '' and if you want more than two pages opened in he creation of a new window (calls for home page) then add:''); before the text: window.focus();

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