Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Pikachu..? Chaacharzard...? What Happened!?

   Hello all, this morning I struck viral gold, a little later than some, but the idea is the same if not better. So, thanks to Smosh I was able to discover the talented and imaginative Gavin Mackey, who draws his own take on the pokemon we love and had cried over. I provided links at the bottom of the post to his online gallery on 
   "Gavin Mackey's reimagined Pokemon are beautiful, grotesque, and masterfully well done. His controlled applications of realism counterbalance his pieces' cartoonish proportions, which results in a unique and somewhat disturbing juxtaposition of familiarity and something wholly alien. Hit the source link for more of his phenomenal work; you didn't plan on sleeping tonight anyway, right?"

(Smosh article publicizes the works of Gavin Mackey)
(Gavin Mackey's DevianArt page)
(My favorie: Likatongue)
(The quote source)

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