Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Less Time Troubleshooting with Windows 7

   The feature provided by Windows 7 for trouble shooting is called Problem Steps Recorder, abbreviated "PSR."
In Windows 7, pinpointing the direct source of your computer problem can be difficult! Next time you have a problem (and you probably are reading this to find help). Click [Start] in the bottom left of your computer screen and then type "psr". Select [psr.exe]. The psr executable file (program) will record information about your computer and applications at various instants in time. A great resource for finding the source of error; just press [Start Recording] and repeat or continue processes on your computer as if you did not have any error whatsoever. To stop the recording press the [Stop recording] button on the tiny PSR window.
   This trick is going to call for intermediate computer skills due to examining the information you will receive via an HTML file.You open the html file with your default or preferred browser (Internet Explorer, Google chrome, Firefox, ect.)
Link To Great 5 star video on PSR (04:28)
Microsoft How To: PSR (text and picture)

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