Saturday, September 03, 2011

Six Reasons Why You Might Enjoy The Kindle

What is a kindle?
   The Kindle is an electronic reading device, Amazons most successful product to date, that has turned large amounts of non-tech savvy people into avid experimentalists in the digital world. There are different types of Kindles that have important differences, but you can be assured that they all will make your reading experience better than ever.

ONE:3G and Wi-Fi
If having internet access all the time sounds like a sweet idea to you, then purchase a Kindle that is advertised with, "Free 3G." I have a Kindle with 3G and during a power outage it is a plus to be able to browser ("surf") the web. So, if you enjoy reading articles and blogs, you will have an endless supply of reading content wherever you go.

TWO:Paper and Ink Feel
To be completely honest, the Kindle screen does not hurt my eyes at all. The pages on the Kindle feel exactly to that of book. The screen is dim, but effective, in which the Kindle comes with a light in it's case. There is NO GLARE.

I personally, like choices, and complexity in my electronic products, but the average person would probably rather a simple product like the Kindle. You buy books right off the Kindle via the internet (3G or Wi-Fi).

FOUR:Long Battery Life
A Kindle takes a long time to charge because it's battery is meant to last ten whole days. That's plenty longer than any laptop battery life by far. Battery life can vary depending on activity, usage, and whether the wireless connection is enabled.

FIVE:Effective For Troubled Readers
The Kindle can read the ebooks out load, line by line, among other comprehensive features to sharpen it's captivating effect.

SIX:Storage Capacity
The Kindle can store approximately 3,500 books of average length in it's memory. Even if you read, or downloaded one book a day, you wouldn't max-out your Kindle's space for about ten whole years.

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