Friday, August 19, 2011

View Your Internet Cookies

Want to see the internet cookies you have heard about for years? It's much easier than it is made out to be. Let me show you how to in Windows 7. Other operating systems have similar set ups to Windows 7 in terms to where internet cookies are, so the battle is not lost if you don't have Windows 7. Just to give a little knowledge for the new comers an internet cookie is a text saved on to your computer via a web site in order to enhance your web experience with them. They help sites remember where you are, who you are, your trends, when you came last, if your a returning visitor by ID, and more.

   1. Press [Start]
   2. Type "internet options"
   3. Select [Internet Options]
   4. Under the default [General] tab, click [Settings]
   5. In settings click [View files] or [View Objects]
Hope you enjoy this little piece of insight! -Brian

For more information on Internet cookies:

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