Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Windows 7 comes with Accessories? I thought that was Mac's?

      These applications or accessories are not as flashy as a Mac's, but if you wanted flashy, you can always download some applications or work with an iPad or something. Let me show me the Accessories Folder.
How to get to Accessories folder: Press [start]  >  select ['All programs']  >  scroll and locate "Accessories"  > select [Accessories]
     "Look at them all! Holy ****! There's a calculator on here!.. and a note book!" This is what some of the less experienced Windows 7 would say when they realize the nice programs provided by Microsoft in Windows 7. However, an experienced user would sigh. No need to sigh. There's a lot to be gained from these "free-bees" and the experienced users may have over looked the benefits.

        1. Convenience
        2. Free
        3. Small (in space)
        4. Aid Organization
        5. Some are down right fun to mess with!

   For example, the classic Paint application. A simple way to draw something innapropriate and send it to your friends or colleagues to laugh at how genuinely awful your picture is because you suck at drawing with the computer pencil cursor in Paint. (It's more difficult than it sounds).

   Newer Applications included in the Accessories folder are Math Input Panel, Snipping Tool, and Sticky Notes. You can harness many funny online conversations, or more serious documentations with the Snipping Tool which you don't need to pay a cent for. Utilizing the tools is essential to getting to know the Windows 7 style. Why do your parents still ask you for a physical calculator to do the bills, calculations, and groceries? Well, I guess I understand the groceries one... :) .
      Because they don't know that Windows 7 has a calculator built into it! And to be honest the calculator is better than ever, with more operations, functions, and buttons. Accessories are on all Windows computers unless the folder was deleted to save 56.0 KB.. (which is less than 1 half of the 126KB that the W7R logo takes up) in space on their hard drive disk. Keep the programs! Try them out! Thank you for your time.

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