Monday, September 05, 2011

How To Fix Or Change Your Computers Time And Date

Correct Date and Time on Windows 7

  1. Hit or click Start
  2. Type "date" into the search bar
  3. Select "Date and Time"
  4. Click "Change date and time..."
  5. Adjust the time
  6. Click "OK"

And that is it!

The Process Through The Control Panel

[Start] > [Control Panel] > [Date And Time] > [Change Date and Time]

Synchronize to the Internet

Many computers time and date data are synchronized with that of a site on the internet. To view that option and see if it is even on go to [Date and Time] (steps above) and navigate to the "Internet Time" panel.

Changing the Date and Time Format

To change the way the time and date is displayed: [Start] > type "Change the way time is displayed" > select that file and the settings are at your command.

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