Monday, September 05, 2011

How To Hide and Reveal Files on Desktop

First, you can make all the files invisible. They are still there, but you cannot access them without usingWindows Explorer (file navigation). Don't confuse Windows Explorer with Internet Explorer. In realistic terms, Windows Explorer is an offline, and local file navigation system; and that is what we are talking about here.

[Right click] Your Desktop > Hover your mouse over where it says "View" > uncheck [Show All Icons].

That method is only good for users who want all the icons and files on their desktop to be gone, physically. To make one file invisible to all visitors:

[Right click] a folder or any icon > Select [Properties] > check the box next left of [Hidden].

That file is hidden to anyone who is looking at your desktop. People who access your computer from outside sources couldn't even see the file. However; there is a way for users to see the invisible file. They would have to have Administrative privileges to the file and change a setting in Folder Options like so:

Click [Start] > type "folder options" and select [Folder Options] > Click the tab labeled [View] and under the Hidden Files And Folders folder, check [Show hidden files, folders, and drives]

There are a bunch of other ways to hide folders, but no other ways are as simple as these two are.
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