Sunday, September 04, 2011

The Misconception of the terms: Electronic, Electrical, and Electric Resolved

Power house: Electrical or electronic?

Electronic is used to describe... cell phones, toys for kids, iphones, a circuit building kit, radio, watches, a kindle,  small speakers, pacemakers, electronic toothbrush, iPad, Samsung Galaxy.

Electrical is used to describe... lights in your home, a amplifier for your guitar, car battery, desktop computer, John Deer lawn mower, air conditioning, power lines.

Do you see the pattern here?
  The Electronic objects are relatively small in size when compared to the world of objects powered by electricity. While, the Electrical objects are relatively big in size. The mistake is so common it is accepted, because these definitions are not always as well held up as they should be. Could you imagine if your English (or any language) teacher took points off of your research paper because you wrote, "I felt bad when the girl dropped her electrical cell phone." That is a bad sentence for more reasons, but her cell phone is not electrical. It is electronic!
  In addition to the girl's cell phone being electronic, it is also, electric.

Electric describes general objects that use electricity, regardless of size. Check it out!

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