Saturday, September 03, 2011

Want Free Apple-Like Apps for Your Computer?

   You can get various apple like apps for free using Chrome Apps, provided by Google Chrome (Internet browser*). If you are viewing this page with Google Chrome, then your ready to go. If not click here and download Google Chrome. Google Chrome will provide you with tons of free features that will make your internet experience more enjoyable.

Google Apps include:
    GAMES: 189+ Levels Of Angry Birds For Free; And More 
    EDUCATION: Bio Digital Human For Free; And More Educational Apps
    SOCIAL NETS: Social Net Apps 
    AND... categories such as: family, books, business, favorites, health, electronics, simulations, music, cooking, fitness, sports, ect. I do plan to expand on this list, but it would take forever to list out all the great content provided by Chrome Apps. The best part is that ALMOST ALL OF THEM ARE COMPLETELY FREE. No need to buy an iPod Touch if Chrome Apps, satisfies your App cravings.
*Internet Browsers provide access to webpages. These include: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari,..)

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