Friday, November 18, 2011

Three Requirements to Create A Successful App

Video game and application programming, especially on computers, smart phones, and tablets is VERY profitable. In order to create an "app" or application/game is:

Without energy you can't get your ideas into code. Short and simple. If necessary, have that one extra coffee to finish the job. If you need additional help, motivation, or energy it is best to find a few friends who would like to help create the app.

2. Mediocre Programming skills Or Above.
 Even if all you can do is display images, prompt users for input, and use if else statements, you can create an interesting app. (of course more experience helps, though!) Don't get to know a thousand languages sort of well. You are better off specializing your skills in one particular programming language. My most developed knowledge of any programming language is Java. Coding is not made for everyone, but is worth a try. Feel free to email me Java (or even other languages) questions or comments.

3. A Creative, Innovative, and Observant Mind.
When you create programs, you will get the best response from people who have never experienced such a program. If you are able to create or fill a niche or type of app or game that is unlike the many others in existence, then you are set for success.

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