Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Difficult Captchas to Create Account
Believe it or not, if you ever created an account that required you to interpret a box twisted of letters or characters (Ex. 'a', 'b' '7' '2'...) and it was labeled in red with Re-Captcha, then you have served the worlds efforts to digital the millions of literature.

Examples of typical Captcha boxes.
The sole purpose that websites use Captchas is to verify if you are a human being. The concern is not foreign members, space aliens or ghosts, but is to deny mass account creation completed by programs. People can and do create programs that create billions of accounts in a day for a few simple reasons:

1. Make your opinion heard. Any poll offered only once to each user account of a website would be slaughtered by an account making computer algorithm. (in most cases this is illlegal)

2. Hatred or dislike for any affiliated with the website, companies, or poll question and answers.

3. Account names are often sold for money, illegally. If a person creates account name: IHeartJesus1, IHeartJesus2, IHeartJesus3..... IHeartJesus9999999999. Then anyone who really wanted one of those names IHeartJesus1 - IHeartJesus9999999999 for their account is probably willing to pay $1 to have the person delete their account that was being held, or simply given the password.
Reserving names of .com (ending) or .net (ending) can be lucrative, especially if the name of the site is a common word like. "".

4. Just recreational horseplay

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