Friday, December 30, 2011

Over Two Thousand Free MIT Courses!

I cannot hold a resource so valuable! That would be indecent on my part. So, cheers to free education all around the world!

This site is amazing for a lot of reasons: it's free; it has amazing teachers; it has free lecture notes in PDF format to go along with each lecture; it has all the information and materials listed for you to complete any lab on your own; there are thousands of courses to choose from; the students are present and participate in the lectures; the courses are not all introductory (many continuation classes that stem from each other).

The only downside would have to be that the videos are not the highest quality, but that is an insignificant detail that is patched up by the detailed notes (PDF) (which have diagrams and pictures) that are provided with each lecture video.

2,000 Free College Classes (Lectures, Notes, Labs, Quizes) From MIT

For more free online college courses go to my "Links For You" tab and look for where it says "Free Online College".

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