Saturday, December 31, 2011

Typing Over Previously Typed Text?

I hear these kinds of questions/statements so often:

- "Why am I erasing my work while typing!? I didn't do anything!"
- "When I type I rewrite my documents content!"
- "The computer is erasing my work! What is happening!?"

LUCKILY, the solution to your headache is a 10 second fix for even those unfamiliar to computers. The issue is that you have the insert setting turned on (you must have pressed 'Insert' button by accident or something). By pressing the 'Insert' button you have switched into the "Overwrite" typing setting.

The Ten Second Solution

1. Locate the button 'Insert' or 'Ins' on your keyboard. Usually, it is above the 'Backspace' button.

2. Hit the 'Insert' button on your keyboard and you should be able to type without rewriting.

3. Give it a test type!
Next to Backspace
Above Backspace

If you would like to disable your 'Ins' key: How To Disable The Insert Key In Windows

If your problem is not solved you may have a more serious keyboard or computer problem, but please take another 10 seconds to re-hit the 'Insert'  key on your keyboard. Overwrite is not something that can be fixed through the Undo Command in Word Documents, because the command was received from an external source (keyboard) that controls the state in which you type text.

Hope this helps! -Brian (

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