Saturday, February 11, 2012

Hardware VS Software

Hardware and software are the components that all computers rely on to function properly. Hardware is all of the physical parts of a computer such as the monitor, the motherboard, USB ports, the hard drive. Any part of an electronic device such as a computer or laptop, that is visible to the human eye is hardware. If you take a computer open hardware is what you would see. Software is the programs and invisible side of the computer. You cannot see a binary digit of electricity by the human eye, but it is there. Software is programs, which can be thought of as directions to be read by the computer.

HARDWARE: The physical components of computers.
Examples of HARDWARE

The most important hardware in the computer (physical parts): 
-Central Processing Unit (CPU)
-Volatile Memory storage unit (RAM)
-Harddrive (for long term storage of information)

SOFTWARE: The virtual component of computers.

Common examples of Software (invisible parts):
-Computer games
-Video games
All of googles services are examples of SOFTWARE
-Microsoft (Operating System)
-Paint application
-Ipod apps
-Android apps
-Google chrome Internet Browser
-Internet Explorer
-Safari Internet Browser

Ipod/Itouch/Iphone apps are an example of SOFTWARE

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