Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentines Day Cards for FREE!


Let's make valentines day more affordable!
If you don't think paying  $5.00 US dollars for a valentines card is a total ripoff, then be my guest and buy it. However; you could be make a better and/or more personalized V-day card in under 10 minutes.

Option #1: Card Idea + Creativity

  1. Visit a grocery store to browse the valentines day cards. Or browse cards online  Google Images

  2. Find the Valentines day card you like the most (that you would normally buy)

  3. Write down the parts of the card that made you want to buy it (Images, Quotes, Poems, Ideas, Jokes)

  4. Go home without buying the Valentines day card and log on to your computer.

  5. Search google for the card you were going to buy by means of the content you wrote down in step #3.

  6. Reconstruct your own version of the card (be creativity!). Print out pictures, and text you want on your V-day card.

  7. Write a message for the reciever and Voula! You got yourself a cheaper card in little to no time.

Option #2: 1 Minute Card

1. Search the internet for a card that you can print. (Image Search Results for "V-day cards")
2. Print the card out and fix any notable mistakes due to formatting.
3. Fold the card and sign your name with any message you want to add.

Option #3: Online Valentine's Day Card Creators!

Pick from any of the sites listed:

Option #4: A Heart Shaped Collage

1.Find a collage creation site or program (Such as:
Also, collages can be created in the Microsoft Word program. How To: Collages With Word


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